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What is Rocket Raiser?

Rocket Raiser is an online marketplace for developers and designers to earn money. It is also a resource center for individuals needing to find templates and code to implement into their projects. So think of it as a sort of exchange market. You can make money and you can find bits you need for your own projects.

How can I earn from Rocket Raiser?

At Rocket Raiser we aim to give the best user experience possible- with short load times and an amazing, sleek UI. This makes it much easier to navigate and start earning as quick as possible. Our services don't just stop at buying and selling items. We offer services too, which means you can offer yourself as a product for people to hire you. This means you can get more clients which results in more money. So how could you refuse if you have spare code or graphics you have created, just laying around gathering dust. We offer a very secure system so you can not be hacked, scammed or cheated. We respect developers and designs to the highest degree and understand that your work is special- because you created it.

What if I'm not a designer or developer?

We offer an affiliate service so if you're not a designer or developer you can affiliate and refer other people to join and buy. There is a difference between referrals and affiliates. Affiliates are when you affiliate someone to buy ONE item. You recieve 10% of the sale of that item from the person you affiliated. If you refer a developer or designer themeselves and they upload an item- you recieve 5% of their sales for life. So each item they upload, you recieve a cut for not doing anything! These earnings go straight to your PayPal and appear in your financial dashboard where you can keep track of your earnings and purchases. Affiliate and Referalls show up clearly so you can distinquish the differences between your earnings. With the rocket raiser wallet you can deposit money if you are going to make a lot of purchases. This can enter you into monthly contests and give you huge discounts.

How new is Rocket Raiser?

Rocket Raiser is relatively new. Being founded in November and completion in December, we are a new marketplace but we offer great services. Rocket Raiser is a great way to recieve credit for masterpieces you have created. It can lead to more projects and bigger profits is a big company or organisation notices your work.

How to earn more from Rocket Raiser?

By submitting only top-notch quality work it increases your chances of being selected to be featured section on the homepage. You will earn a lot more views which will mean a lot more sales because more people see your great work.

How to get started?

All you have to do is sign up and submit by going to our submission form and filling out the details. However not all submissions are accepted as we only accept good quality work. Not work that has been done in Microsoft Paint in a time space of 3-minutes. We wish to recieve a good reputation for high-quality work. Not junk.

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